Bridge between ecology and model application

  dr. C. Rappoldt
Kamperfoelieweg 17
9753 ER Haren
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)50 5370979


KvK: 2090862



EcoCurves combines ecological knowledge and computing expertise in order to answer questions and to solve problems.



  • constructs new ecological models
  • adapts and tests existing models
  • writes interfaces between models and other computer programs
  • analyses model results

Currently, EcoCurves cooperates with ecologists, agricultural engineers or plant physiologists on

  • Birds wintering on tidal flats
    • "What is the effect of a decreasing mudflat exposure time on wintering waders"
  • Agricultural crops
    • "Improving a simple soil water model which is used for large-scale yield predictions"
  • Plant growth
    • "Photosynthesis models and their future in climate management of greenhouses".
Partners of EcoCurves